DWEJRA  has it all.  The whole area is still mostly undeveloped, primitive and pristine.  The sea is clean and clear and beautiful for swimming, snorkelling and scuba diving.  Indeed it is considered as a top diving spot, an adventure playground, a climber's paradise and a major camping site. 

The Fungus Rock stands majestically sheltering the inner harbour behind it bounded by high cliffs.  In Gozo we know it as the "Gebla tal-General"(the General's Rock).  It has a history tied to it.  In the time of the Knights of St. John no one was allowed to climb to the top.  In fact the rock face was smoothed to render it more difficult to reach the top and pick the herb that was protected and considered a cure for many maladies of those days especially dysentry.



The Azure Window, alas it is no more;  Gozo has lost a monument and a capital landmark.  It tumbled into the deep sea during a March storm of 4 years ago.  A guest from France which I had staying at the Guesthouse at the time commented that it felt like Paris losing the Tour Eiffel.  All that remains are a million photos scattered all over the world and a thousand paintings including one of mine (produced here).  The painting is rendered in water colour.  I painted it on site and added a dog in memory of 'Fluke' which I had some years ago.



The Inland Sea is another interesting site at Dwejra.  It resembles an enclosed pond bounded by high cliffs with a fairly large pebbly beach.  It is connected to the open sea by a very narrow tunnel through which a boat can barely pass.  It is a nice swimming place even for kids since the water is shallow near the beach.  From here one can go on a short boat trip as far as the Fungus Rock provided that the sea is calm. 

When the wind blows from the direction of the north the sea becomes rough and big waves crash with great force through mough of the tunnel.  On such stormy days the boats do not attempt to pass through the tunnel and all the sea craft are hauled out of the water.

The mouth of the cave and the tunnel face roughly towards north and the beach stretches on the opposite side.  Further back from the beach there are a few old-time boat houses and also the mouth of the Dwejra valley which receives tons of rain water in the winter months.

fungus Rock.jpg
Fungus Rock in Dwejra... borrowed from Google images
Dwejra Inland Sea.jpg
Dwejra - Inland Sea................ borrowed from Google Images