The sea all around Gozo Island is clean and clear.  Above all it is warm in Summer up to 25 and 26 degrees during the day so it is excellent for swimming, snorkelling and diving.

The coast around Gozo is dotted with bays and creeks, some sandy like the Blue Lagoon in Comino and others rocky like Xlendi, tiny like Wied l-Ghasri or relatively large like Ramla.

These bays and beaches are all good for swimming depending on what a person likes and depending also on the weather.  Sometimes in Gozo, Comino and Malta we have a couple of windy days in summer.  These are more than welcome since they change and freshen the air and are a relief from the heat but they bring about a bit of rough sea and waves.   Nonetheless, it is almost always possible to go for a swim where the wind is favourable, for example if the wind is blowing from the West or NW, it is not advisable to go swimming in Marsalforn or at Ramla but more reasonable to decide on Hondoq ir-Rummien or Mgarr ix-Xini instead.

Xwejni Gozo.jpg

Pebbly XWEJNI Bay.  It is becoming increasingly popular these days, probably because it is more secluded and quieter.

Mgarr ix-Xini.jpg

Mgarr ix-Xini

    secluded and                   undisturbed

XLENDI (Sh-lend-ee) is a rocky beach in the south west of the island of Gozo.  When the breeze is blowing from the direction of the north Xlendi is ideal for swimming since the sea is relatively calm.  

Xlendi has always been popular with swimmers and in fact that's where my dad taught me how to swim many years ago.  We had a small room at the back of the bay and I used to spend an occasional day there together with my father, my brothers and sister.

In the 60's Xlendi was just a small fishing village with a good number of fulltime fishermen, very picturesque and romantic with a few 2-storey houses on the waterfront and some boathouses further back.  The bay is flanked by sloping rocks on the left and steeper cliffs on the right-hand side while a majestic tower watches the entrance as it has been doing for long centuries.

The Xlendi tower is very popular with tourists and though it is a long walk it is worth visiting since the area is undisturbed and quite remote while on the way one can admire the distant high cliffs of Ghadira (limits of Kercem) and pass close to the antique saltpans dug by plaebian hands in the soft globigerina limestone.  

Another attraction in Xlendi is the 'Ghar ta' Kallorina' (Kallorina's Cave) on the right side of the bay accessible by a narrow stairway.  I have no idea who this lady was but she must have had some power or was quite well-off to own a private cave where she could bathe. 

St Andrew, the patron saint of fishermen still stands high on his pedestal but watches nowadays on restaurant and wine-bar owners while He laments the disappearance of his co-workers the Xlendi fishermen.  

Xlendi today is still ideal for a swim during the day and in the quiet Gozitan evenings it has become a popular venue for a tasty local fish dinner with the family or friends.



    Xlendi bay

Xlendi Tower.jpg

   Xlendi Tower &

 the Roman Saltpans 

     worth a visit


Pen and Wash on Watercolor paper


I have an apartment here at Marsalforn on the seafront and some years ago I used to spend the whole summer here with my family.  My 2 children used to love it  since they were free to spend a lot of time swimming and playing on the beach.

Marsalforn bay faces the north and it is fairly big by Gozo standards. It is the second largest bay after Ramla.  Marsalforn comprises another 3 bays namely, Ghar Qawqla on the right of Marsalforn proper, Qbajjar and Xwejni about one kilometer to the left.

All these beaches are good for swimming, the water is clean and warm and there is no danger of any kind.  Ghar Qawqla is rocky and the sea is deep here so it is more suited for grown-ups.  Qbajjar is larger than Xwejni but maybe the latter is more popular since it is largely undeveloped and enjoys a cute pebbly beach.

Marsalforn is the number one summer resort in Gozo and it is highly commercialized with hundreds of apartments, restaurants and wine bars. 

Buying an apartment here is a very good investment and highly recommended.