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I copied these 3 pieces from postcards that I once bought at an arts fair. I used sepia and a pen to render them. I like the reddish brown colour derived from the ink sac of the cuttlefish.

Then for the shadows and washes I diluted the ink with a few drops of water. This medium is fun and simple to use. You do not need much equipment, just the ink, a pen and a brush. In the initial stages you are drawing the outlines and doing the deep shadows by hatching and cross hatching with the pen. For the lighter tones such as the sky and the clouds you apply a wash.

This is the port of Mgarr Gozo as it was in the 60’s and before. There were a few houses all with 2 storeys along the road to Gh'Sielem on the left of the painting and some boathouses closer to the sea shore. Even the boats were smaller in those days and the whole area was much quieter.

I still distinctly remember the smell of diesel, the fuel used by the luzzu and of the animal fodder that was transported frequenty to and from Malta by the larger dghajsa. (Luzzu is the colourful Maltese boat)

The Dghajsa (Die-sah) was the larger Luzzu that carried merchandise every day from Mgarr to the Grand Harbour in Valletta.

St. Andrew the patron saint of fishermen kindly watching the Xlendi beach and the boat haven.

I love drawing and painting boats because I am a boating enthusiast (another hobby). In this painting I like the contrast between the light and shadowed areas under the trees and the sunlight hitting the front of the pedestal, the boats and the store front.

The deep shadow in the trees was drawn by the pen while the hill in the background is much lighter and was applied by a wash.

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