Guesthouse, my Hobbies and more

I never dreamed that I would own and run a guesthouse. I bought the house in 2012 because I believe that having a little bit of property is far better than leaving the money in the bank. It happened that I knew that this house was for sale so I asked for the keys from the owners and I used to take prospective buyers for viewing with the dim hope of earning a commission.

My interest and liking for the house kept growing with each visit. I liked the location first of all, then the size of the building, then the ambience and its character. I was also fascinated by the old-time features such as the stone arches, the timber beams, the circular stairway, the patterned tile floor but most of all by the large backyard and the typical wooden Maltese balcony...

During the renovation stage I was all attention to safeguard and retain the antique features that I liked so much. I even kept the furniture that came with the house, the items that is that were still usable such as a chiffonier, a chest of drawers, a couple of wardrobes, some chairs, etc. I carried out quite a portion of the work myself such as restoring all the wooden doors and windows and a hundred other odd jobs. I remember I started with the door to the roof which was falling to pieces.

I was so happy with my purchase that I had no qualms about spending a little bit more and decided to have an en suite with each of the 4 bedrooms. So without having the haziest idea I was paving the way to operate as a Guesthouse

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