MariaTownHouse Open for Group Lettings

We have upgraded our policy and are now accepting group lets of more than one night. The Guest House may be booked by groups of 6, 8 and up to 11 guests.

Any group of guests will have access to the ground floor apartment which apart from the sleeping facilities includes a fully equipped modern kitchen and the 'green' back-yard.

Group of 6 - - For example a group of six will occupy the ground floor suite which sleeps 3 and another bedroom on the first floor which also sleeps 3; all guests sleeping comfortably while enjoying the cooking facilities of the kitchen.

Group of 8 or 9 - - Similarly a larger group will be assigned the ground floor suite and 2 bedrooms on the first floor. It is important to inform our guests that all our rooms are with en suite shower/toilets.

Group of 10 or 11 - - this group is the maximum that we can accommodate. The guests will have access to the whole house, that is the ground floor suite and all 3 bedrooms on the first floor including the roof terrace with its picturesque views of the sunset.

Prices: Our Guesthouse is one of a kind, a small pallazzina in the very heart of Victoria, furnished as a typical middle-class family home of the early 1900's. MariaTownHouse is more than 400 years old and situated in the oldest street of Rabat (Victoria).

Nevertheless, it is our policy to keep our fees as low as possible to keep within the reach of everybody's budget

Group of 5 February to April (55 +35) Euro 90/night

Group of 6 (55 +45) Euro 100/night

Group of 7 or 8 (55 + 45 + 35) Euro 135/night

Group of 9 (55 + 45 + 45) Euro 145/night

Group of 10 or 11 (55 + 45+45 + 35) Euro 180/night

For your information ............................

Our rooms.: Ground floor Apartment Euro 55 (Sleeps 3)

Balcony room Euro 45 (Sleeps 3)

Mahogany room Euro 45 (Sleeps 3)

Terrace room Euro 35 (Sleeps 2)

All rooms come with free air-conditioning and with en suite. Complimentary tea and coffee-making facilities. Welcome and be assured of a nice stay :)) Joe and Gina.

View from Roof Terrace

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